4 Things To Solve IPTV Buffering or Freezing?

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How To Solve IPTV Buffering or Freezing?

IPTV stands for internet protocol television, which means that instead of using antennas, satellite dishes, or fiber-optic cables, consumers receive television shows over the internet. To put it another way, IPTV broadcasts video content over the internet.

Although IPTV content delivery differs from that of internet video platforms such as YouTube or over-the-top (OTT) services such as Netflix, it shares many of its advantages. IPTV, for example, allows subscribers to subscribe to video on demand (VOD) programming and view live broadcasts. This allows people to watch their favorite episodes whenever they want while still being able to watch live events and programming on traditional television.

What is IPTV Buffering

Buffering might indicate a variety of things depending on the technology you’re talking about. When we talk about buffering in the IPTV field, we’re just talking about buffering in IPTV streaming. IPTV buffering is the process of preloading data into a buffer, which is reserved memory space. Streaming video or audio buffering occurs when the software downloads a particular amount of data before starting to play the video or music. While the next section of the file downloads in the background, you may keep an eye on the data in the buffer. In theory and most of the time in practice, this preloading process enables a seamless playback process without interruption.

Freezing and buffering are two of the most common problems that clients encounter when using a private IPTV service. We need to figure out why IPTV is buffering or freezing so that we can prevent it from happening again. We’ll go over the six main causes of your IPTV service freezing and buffering.

If There Are Several Connected Devices

Although many people are unaware of it, one of the issues that can cause content freezing is when there are multiple connected devices. After all, having multiple gadgets connected to the Internet in your home will slow it down, which will result in longer loading times.

This implies you shouldn’t use your computer, gaming consoles, smartphones, laptops, and tablets at the same time, primarily because your streams will be slowed. If you can’t reduce the number of devices you’re using, you might want to consider upgrading your Internet subscription.

Wired Connection

If you choose to connect directly to the modem, we recommend at least 25Mbps. You should be done with this if you don’t have any other devices attached. We recommend 150Mbps for WI-FI connections, depending on your house configuration. This will differ based on the location of your modem in respect to your IPTV box.

Power-over-Ethernet (1000Mbps preferable), WI-FI adapters are some of the products that can help you get the most out of your IPTV experience if you’re connected wirelessly (300 Mbps or more).

If The Buffer is Lowered

You may increase the inbuilt buffer on almost all IPTV devices. What exactly does this imply? It simply means that it will allow your device to increase the amount of data it can download, allowing it to load and play data while you wait for the next one to arrive.

Keep in mind that if you don’t know how to accomplish this, you can search up the buffer option in the system settings or read through the instruction booklet that came with the device you bought. If you can’t find it, there are a number of tutorials available online that may be of assistance.

If You Didn’t Connect The Device to The Router

Even though your IPTV device is close to your network, the connection may not be stable or quick. This is why you should utilize an Ethernet cable to connect it to your router, mostly because it will give you with a faster and more consistent connection.

If the router is in a different room, which would make connecting it to a cable more challenging, you could contact your provider and ask if they can come to your house and attach it to the router. Keep in mind that it will very certainly cost them money to do so, but at the very least you will have a reliable Internet connection.

Server Quality

It’s all about the price and the quality. Many individuals are lured by the low prices and opt for services that cost $8 to $12. These systems may function for a short time, but don’t anticipate anything long-lasting at those prices, based on my experience. Because of the low price, many users get on board in big numbers, clogging up the system and causing it to slow down, freeze, and buffer. These low-cost servers frequently lack customer service. A server costing $15 – $25, with $20 being the sweet spot, is your best bet for higher server quality and performance. These high-end/premium servers are often well-maintained and offer a wide range of customer care options.

You can always feel free to test the quality of our servers, for sure you will be satisfied: 4KTVPRO.COM TEST.

How to Solve The IPTV Buffering or freezing

  • Internet speed

If your internet connection is slow, the channels will take longer to load and buffer. As a result, when clients report issues, we first look into the connection speed. If it’s low, we recommend upgrading to a higher internet plan. We also check to see if they’re utilizing the right middleware.

If your customers’ homes are crammed with the latest bandwidth-sucking gadgets, you can recommend a router that can keep up with the demands. These demanding wireless activities, which range from watching YouTube videos and playing the latest online games to downloading music and streaming movies, necessitate a fast, robust wireless connection to avoid the dreaded freezing and buffering.

  • Selecting Middleware

The next step is to choose Middleware. The software that acts as a link between the operating system and the IPTV applications that run on it is known as middleware. Because to the incorrect middleware selection, some IPTV channels may freeze. As a result, our Dedicated Engineers recommend that you use an IPTV box. It features an integrated Wi-Fi (or antennae attachment) that outputs at a high enough Mbps to work with an Ethernet Power Adapter or a Wi-Fi booster. The IPTV box’s connection to the internet via Wi-Fi could be one of the causes of channel freezing. To get around this, we recommend using an Ethernet Over Power adaptor.

  • Get Recommended Equipment

The way your service is pushed will be determined by the device you use. It is suggested that you purchase a box recommended by the service provider. Typically, they are already aware of the finest solutions for running their system. However, exercise caution and conduct thorough research before asking any queries. Instead of utilizing Android boxes with emulators, we advocate using dedicated IPTV boxes. Dedicated IPTV boxes, which do not require programming, are designed for live streaming and other IPTV features and services. Emulators for Android boxes necessitate programming, which can be difficult.

  • Network connectivity problems

Each receiver has a buffer setting that allows you to select the buffer size that best suits your internet connection. If your connection speed is equal to or more than 5.0Mbps per second and you’re still having problems, the first thing you should do is perform an internet speed test to see what your results are. If the speed indicated by the linked testing service is less than what is expected, examine the following options:

If you’re utilizing a wireless internet connection, you may need to relocate your device closer to the router. The greater the distance between you and the transmitter, the more likely you are to lose signal integrity. You might also wish to think about using a wired connection. A connected connection eliminates any signal integrity difficulties caused by being too far away from your router. In addition, the connection will be speedier. This choice, however, will bind your setup to a single location. Check to see if there are any other devices on your network that are consuming your bandwidth. Disconnect these if this is the case so that your IPTV is not hampered.


There are a variety of issues that you could be having with your IPTV device and subscription. And, if you choose to follow some or all of the tips and tactics in our list above, you should be able to solve your problem.

So, now that you know how to solve the IPTV issues you’ve been having, you shouldn’t waste any more time. Instead, try any of the remedies we provided, and you’ll be able to finally watch your favorite TV episodes and movies without them stalling, buffering, or lagging.

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